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Title: Wigs and self worth

Review: It was a matter of sorrow to me that in an early age I began to become bald headed. I tried to stop it but I was unfortunate. Hair is very much needed part of human body. I know it is very precious. Hair was very much effective to my look. Hair can enhance beauty of people. It can change your looks. But if you loose them you can not gain them again. I was very much depressed with my baldness. It ruined my looks totally. I began to hate myself. I was not going outside without any important work. I began to use cap then. But every time and everywhere I can not wear cap. So the problem was hurting me very badly. I always thought people were laughing at me; they are making fun of my baldness. This felling was very much pathetic. Then one day one of my close friend gave me the idea of wearing wigs. At first I was not fully convinced. So I began to search for more about wigs. I found that it is a great idea.

Definite reasons to choose wigs:

  • Easy to use. Easy to apply and remove.

  • Can be used anywhere and any time.

  • Portable.

  • Cheap in price.

  • Available in various styles and colors.

I saw that wearing wigs is not about just hiding my baldness it is also very stylish. It was totally worth it. I found there was much kind of wigs in the market. They are different in style, different in color and even different in size. I can use any of them I like and which suits my personality. I am now capable of changing my hair style any time by changing my wig. It looks very good. People are now looking at me normally. I do not find myself uncomfortable among lots of people. I do not have to wear a cap. I go out with lot of confidence. Wigs have enhanced my love toward my life.

Many people may say it is better to accept the truth that I am bald. But I say it is better to choose your own way how you want to lead your life. I like to wear wigs. I think it boost up my personality by giving me confidence. Moreover, you should know that I look even better then before I used to look like.


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